Several decades ago, Dr. Deborah Hill developed a Myoprobe Therapy, which is a treatment that eliminated pain for arthritis sufferers without the use of drugs or chemicals, which means a lot of patients manage to avoid the negative effects of those. That was just the beginning, though. In recent years, Dr. Hill has worked to develop another unique treatment protocol, based on her belief that personal betterment is a key element of any healthcare treatment. The Shield Method attempts to show people how to access their “super willpower to gain greater personal control over their mind.

By doing this, Shielders, as she calls them, can experience tremendous weight loss, or they can also stop smoking, drinking or other bad habits. That is why Dr. Deborah Hill also has founded The Shielders Company. She sees it as a great way to administer programs that use the Shield Method as a centerpiece. Because the mind is more powerful than most realize, Dr. Deborah Hill hopes The Shielders Company will allow people have more control over their urges.