Put simply, Dr. Deborah Hill is a licensed and board certified chiropractor operating out of the state of California. However, that is too simple, perhaps. Whereas she is a well-known and highly accomplished chiropractor who has treatedmany patients for many different conditions over her decades-long career, her medical career is a bit different than most. Whereas many chiropractors treat patients for a variety of medical conditions, Dr. Deborah Hill also helps patients with personal betterment.

Dr. Deborah Hill believes she can and should assist patients with creating a better life overall, based on the idea that physical health is just a part of overall quality of life. That is why she runs The Shielders Company these days. With current locations in both Las Vegas and Los Angeles, Dr. Hill hopes to take her state of the art Shield Method nationwide within a short time. Once the Shielders Company goes national, anyone who previously participated in clinical trials will be able to repeat their experience because Dr. Deborah Hill believes in showing appreciation for what she receives from others.