Over the last decade or so, Dr. Deborah Hill has developed what has come to be known as the Shield Method, which shows ordinary folks how to gain greater personal control over what the mind tries to force them into, like eating too much, smoking, or taking mind-altering drugs. It is very effective, for example, when it comes to weight loss. The Shield Method relies on the premise that people can use their “super willpower” to overcome innate urges to do certain things that are not great for a healthy life.

Making life better is what Dr. Deborah Hill is all about, and the Shield Method is not her first attempt to show people who to master their minds to control their health. Back in the 1980’s, Dr. Hill was the director of the West Burbank Chiropractic Center for eight years and, in that time, she managed to establish and fully develop Myoprobe Therapy, which is a therapy designed to eliminate pain and produce a full range of motion for arthritis sufferers and pain sufferers in general, all without the use of drugs and chemicals.